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The design process can seem like a big undertaking and very daunting, so my goal is to always do my best to create a clear, concise line of communication through email with my clients and their team members. Depending on your needs, your package may vary from the next clients, but below is a loose structure of how the design process goes from start to finish.




The on-boarding process consists of an initial email letting me know of your specific design needs and the budget you have for the project. From there, I’ll put together an estimate for you and your team to review. Once you’ve approved, signed and returned the estimate, you’ll receive an invoice for the first half of the project payment up front. This helps split the payment up for you, as well as allows me to get to work on your project.


The design kick-off begins once I’ve received your first payment. You’ll receive an email from me with a breakdown of the project, what we’re going to tackle first, and where I’ll give the client a to-do list that includes a site map, a survey, or other content needs depending on the project.

go time

Go time is really where I dive in, get to work and make magic. At this point of the project, you may not hear from me for a few days. I go a bit quiet during the creative process. It’s a focus zone for me. This part of the process usually takes the most time between the actual designing, feedback, and revisions, changes, etc.


The wrap up process is when things are just about finished. We’ve finalized all content, logos, etc. If you’re a web design client, this is when we’d be getting credentials and specifics to hook your domain to your new site.


The handoff is when our work here is finished. Your project is launched and final. I deliver all final files, guides, passwords, tutorials, etc.



I design all web projects using Squarespace. I love Squarespace because it allows me to give my clients a totally customized website while also giving my client an amazing back-end experience. It’s reliable, clean, and trustworthy.


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