interior design


home sweet home.

it’s so important that you feel truly at home in your home. so often, we get overwhelmed in creating the “perfect” space instead of creating an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and truly happy.

creating the feeling of home has everything to do with designing the home with your family’s needs, likes, and personalities in mind.

my design services are created to help you and your family design a space that you love being in and that speaks to your happiness.



residential design services

this is the package option you want if you’re looking for a little more hands-on help with designing your space. this option begins with an initial in-home consultation where you introduce me to the room(s) you’re looking to get refreshed.

from there, you’ll be asked to fill out a more detailed design survey that includes your design budget, styling questions, etc.

once you’ve filled out your design survey, I get to work on picking out the necessary finishes, furnishings, accents, etc. you’ll receive these in a nicely laid out manner, allowing you to give feedback, ideas, changes, etc.

once we’ve nailed down the overall style and pieces, you just place your orders using the links i supply for each item.

finally, when all your items arrive, i invade your space and put the room together for you with your finishing touches.

this process varies on length and time depending on your needs and room details.

initial consult investment: $75

per room designer + stylist fee starts at: $500

(this fee does not include all material and furnishing cost. this is a designer and stylist fee.)


e-design services

this package is perfect for those who are looking for a quicker, more affordable approach. this package does not include an in-person consult or in-home styling.

this package begins by you filling out the design form below, giving us all the information and style preferences for the space you’re wanting designed.

you will need to send over measurements, photos, inspiration photos, then we take it from there by creating a furniture design package that fits within or near your budget.

I will also offer some budget styling tips as well to help you while you implement and put together the room.


per room flat-fee: $200

(this fee does not include all material and furnishing cost. this is a designer and stylist fee.)